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Dr. Wilfried Wittmann has 25 years of industrial experience in the Life Science industry. His areas of expertise include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and in vitro diagnostics. Since 1979 he has held executive positions as Product- and Marketing-manager, Head of Sales & Marketing (Germany), Division Manager (Japan), Managing Director (Switzerland). His practical knowledge of the demands and needs of customers as well as of the internal processes of the Life Science industries enables him to transform this knowledge into successful management decisions.

Dr. Wittmann holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Technical University Braunschweig and was a scientist at the Max Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen prior to his various assignments in the Life Science industry

In 1998 he founded „Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies“ and has executed a multitude of industry related projects, both as an industrial adviser for VC companies and on a direct contract basis for large- and small-cap companies of the healthcare industry.

In 2004 he founded the LTEC Expert Services GmbH. LTEC offers individual support and assistance to BioTech and MedTech enterprises from all over the world.




All interviews and contacts with users, specialists, managers and potential partners necessary to conduct a market analysis or in preparation of Business co-operations are executed personally by Dr. Wittmann himself.

Developments in the medical products and services marketplace are continuously followed-up through ongoing projects, attendance at prominent industry conferences, and surveillance of industry and professional literature. Dr. Wittmann has long-standing relationships with executives in the Life Science industry, with clinicians and researchers in medical and Research institutions, and with the biotechnology venture capital community. This network provides a unique window of insight into current trends, unmet needs and upcoming developments and enables him to competently evaluate market trends and the commercial relevance of the newest Technologies.

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