The Company

LTEC is a business development company located in Germany, close to Frankfurt International Airport.

The company is specialized on services for enterprises of the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries which are planning to start or expand their international business operations.

The services are tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

We initiate contacts with qualified distributors and clients in your target countries and your target industries.

We care for all communication in the initial phase to take such workload off your shoulders.

The People

Dr. Wilfried Wittmann, the founder of LTEC, has more than 25 years of international industrial experience. He has held executive positions in the Life Science industry in Germany, in Switzerland and in Japan before he founded LTEC Expert Services Dr. Wittmann.

His practical knowledge of the demands and needs of customers as well as of the internal processes of the Life Science industries enables him to transform this knowledge into successful management decisions.

Already in 1998 he hadstarted the consulting firm “Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies” which continues to evaluate technologies and Business concepts and provides investors with critical information and perspective needed to make well-informed investment decisions.


Many Small and Medium sized Enterprises are still hesitant to exploit the global market potential because

  • they have insufficient marketing experience and contacts in the regions
  • their human and financial resources are limited

It is the intention of LTEC to help these companies to overcome all hurdles and to facilitate their market entry into the countries of their choice.

Our Commitment

LTEC ensures that establishing your business relationship with distributors and clients in foreign countries is smooth and that any problems that arise are dealt with effectively.

Our service operations are as reliable as doing it yourself - at a fraction of the cost and time.