LTEC Expert Services Dr. Wittmann

Distributor Locator            

for Laboratory Instruments, Equipment, Reagents


Services are provided at a reasonable price and in strict confidence.

  • We search, select and contact qualified distributors as well as manufacturers which could be interested to complement their product portfolio with your products or are in demand of your services
  • We take care of all communication in the initial phase to take such workload off your shoulders
  • You will be informed about any relevant intermediate results and any meaningful information about the contact which is made available (e.g. size of company, regions served, major products or R&D projects, partner companies)
  • We will introduce you to distributors or clients which clearly declared interest. This will allow you to directly negotionate potential terms of distributorship or use of your services and products.
  • We will support you until a distributorship agreement or a service contract is concluded

Your are no longer bothered
with cumbersome scanning of
outdated internet sources or
company directories!


Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies Business Development

Evaluates technologies and Business concepts and provides clients with critical information and perspective needed to make timely, well-informed decisions.

Supports managers practically to open up new markets and increase management capacity.



Market analysis to determine the demand for high-throughput screening of monoclonal antibodies in the biopharmaceutical Industry and in scientific Research; preparation of a Business plan

Reagents for DNA-Purification

Development of a marketing concept, identification of appropriate distributors world-wide and assistance with building-up the sales & marketing organisation

Molecular Diagnostics

Reworking of the Business concept for the diagnosis of genetically caused diseases; Development of marketing strategies and assistance during implementation

Medical Instruments

Identification and selection of distributors in various European countries on behalf of an American company for intensive care ventilations systems


Searching and for business partners in Germany on behalf of an Indian Pharmaceutical company; in-licensing; contract R&D and manufacturing


Prearrangement of marketing phytopharmaceutical products of Indian origin in Germany.

Food Analysis

Determination of the market potential and of customer’s requirements in different segments of the food industry for a novel type of analytical instrument utilising Bio-Chips

Diagnostic Rapid Tests

Establishing distributor partnerships in Japan for a German manufacturer.

All interviews and contacts with users, specialists, mangagers and potential partners necessary to coduct a market analysis or in preparation of Business co-operations are personally executed by Dr. Wittmann himself.


Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases

Development and valuation of different marketing concepts for PCR-tests for the diagnosis of invasive Mycosis and initiation of contacts to potential cooperation partners

Coagulation Diagnostics

Operative support to a Biotech company: Building-up the Sales & Marketing organization and assist with contract negotiations

Tumor Diagnostics

Operative support to a young Biotech company. Building-up the sales & marketing organisation and assist with Contract negotiations

Allergy Diagnostics

Evaluation of the commercial prospects of a novel technology. Analysis of customers‘ demands and of the required product specifications


Identification of Key accounts and Opinion leaders and investigation of the basic structure of the health care system in order to expand the sales region

Analyser utilising Bio-Chips for Food Analysis

Determination of the market potential and of customer’s requirements in different segments of the food industry for a novel type of analytical instrument utilising Bio-Chips

Analytical Instruments

Market analysis with respect to technology, competition and potential users. Preparation of a proposal for a Business concept to enable that client to enter the Life Science market


Identification and selection of appropriate co-operation partners for a manufacturer of analytical instruments