Our Service Partner in Germany

Dr. Wittmann Expert Services
Life Sciences & Technologies

A specialized Technology and and Business Consultation firm for Bio, Medical, Diagnostics, Pharmaceutics and Chemical Industries.
Dr. Wittmann Expert Services supports LTEC with market research and continuous development of the worldwide distibutor data bank.


Services for Investors:

Dr. Wittmann Expert Services evaluates technologies and Business concepts and provides investors with critical information and perspective needed to make well-informed decisions.

 Our Service Partner in Japan

STI International, Inc. (STII)

An International Technology and Business Consultation Firm in Bio, Medical, and Healthcare Sciences.

STII also assists Japanese companies in finding strategic partners in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

 STI International, Inc. offers consultation services to U.S. and European biomedical or life sciences companies seeking business opportunity in Japan and Asia.

And it assists clients in accelerating business/product development efforts in Japan and the Far East.


 Our Service Partner in India

Catalyst Pharma Consulting         

Catalyst Pharma Consulting is a Mumbai (India) based international team of Consultants providing a wide range of consulting services to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Industry.

This team of professionals is well positioned to help you identify and enhance business opportunities in the rapidly growing Indian market.

The President Mr. Devinder Pal, a doyen of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, has over four decades of unique experience in the pharmaceutical Industry from middle management to the position of Chief Executive Officer.
He has played a key role in enhancing the status of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and the standing of the profession of Pharmacy.

Our Service Partner in China

China Healthcare Consulting, Inc.     www.chccgroup.com    

China Healthcare Consulting, Inc. is a health care consulting firm assisting small and medium-sized foreign companies to enter the rapidly growing Chinese health care market.

Services include licensing, strategic alliances, market research, strategic planning, market development, and regulatory policy consulting.

The company has the extensive experience in providing the full service to foreign companies with leading health science technologies around the world.